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What you should know about yeast infection in men

What you should know about yeast infection in men


Many people assume that a yeast infection is a problem for women, and they really don’t affect the health of the penis. However, if the spouse of a man who might have suspected the disease is common (and usually harmless), must take steps to protect their own sexual health.


What is a yeast infection?


Fungi live in the entire human body and are usually present in the normal healthy vagina. This organism thrives in warm, humid environments, so this part of the female body is ideal for the room. Women generally always a fungus in the vagina, however, they can become a problem when uncontrolled growth.

The most common types of mushrooms for a living in the vagina is called Candida albicans. Its growth is controlled naturally by the healthy bacteria called lactobacillus. What does the term sound familiar? If so, it’s probably because you’ve heard of him as a probiotic. Healthy bacteria lining the colon and digestive tract, and is also present in the vagina; Their presence prevents the fungus to grow, too.

However, if the female system is out of control, you might not have enough healthy bacteria to keep the fungus under control.


How do fungi infections affect men?


So what does this mean for the man, exactly? If the couple man has a yeast infection, you may be able to send through sex. Therefore, men should be aware of the possibility of an extra yeast infection if they have sex with a woman who has (according to HealthLine, however, the disease is usually not considered IMS without complications). In addition, this is not the only way that men infected.

Remember how we explain that candida (fungus) lives naturally inside the body? They also live on the surface of the skin, including the head of the penis. In addition to having sex with a woman who has a yeast infection, men can get by taking antibiotics or wearing tight clothes or wet for long periods of time.


The symptoms of male yeast infections


According to the Mayo Clinic, men who experience these symptoms should be checked for yeast infection:

– Itching of the penis;

– Skin Redness of the penis;

– A burning sensation while urinating;

– Damp Skin (sometimes tinged with creamy white glaze) or abnormal light around penis area.


How to treat male yeast infection


Because the symptoms of yeast infection are similar to those of many other conditions, it is important to see a doctor the first time trial to rule out other conditions. Most fungal infections are easily treated with an antifungal cream counter.

Also, if your partner is infected, make sure both are treated. You also might want to abstain from sex until this problem care, because it is possible that re-fixed sex partner infected.


Prevention of male yeast infections


To prevent fungal infections occur, if men are not circumcised should be sure to keep the penis area clean and properly hydrated, and allow “breathe” occasional wear loose clothes, such as overgrowth of fungi often becomes a problem when the body sweats and not exposed to air flow.

Keep the penis clean by washing with a gentle cleanser and allow it to air dry is always a safe bet. Keep the area moist after to maintain skin health and vibrant. A cream for penis health (health professionals recommend man1 Man Oil) containing high-quality moisturizing ingredients such as vitamin E and shea butter is the best way to keep your skin hydrated and healthy penis, helping men to avoid some of the conditions that can encourage mold growth.

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