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What Does A Sinus Infection Feel Like

What Does A Sinus Infection Feel Like


Sinus infections can be life threatening if the sufferer overlooks the symptoms. That’s why each individual need to know about what does a sinus infection feel like. The sinus infections are divided into two types (acute and chronic).

Acute sinus infection is caused by bacteria which attacks upper respiratory tract. This condition happens to both adult and children when they are exposed to common cold. But the good thing is that this condition can be treated with most recent medication and it takes a week or more to overcome it.

Meanwhile, chronic sinus is more common. The candidates of the sufferer are all individuals regardless their ages and sexes. In the US itself, there are around forty million sufferers of chronic sinusitis. And this condition can last for over 90 days. And as expected from the chronic condition, this condition can occur again although some sufferers are fit and healthy.

So back to the point, you need to know what does a sinus infection feel like so that you will get alerted earlier and will treat it on time. It is better to treat early than too late.

As we know, sinusitis has 2 types (acute and chronic). Both acute and chronic sinus infection has similar symptoms. The sufferers will mostly experience extreme fatigue, difficulty in breathing, fever, cough, stuffy nose, pain around the eyes, sore throat, dental pain, bad breath, and erythema.

It is very important to be aware of these symptoms because if the sufferers overlook it, there will be health consequences. In more severe cases, sufferers can experience coma and sometimes death. Not to mention the enormous number of complications that will arise when the sinus infection is left untreated. Fevers and runny noses are usually linked to sinus infections. But many people overlook the fact that the sinus infection can trigger Osteomyelitis, which is the infection of the frontal bone.

Another complication is Ethmoid sinusitis which infects eye socket. This is what happened if sinusitis is left untreated. That explains why the sufferer has droopy eyes. Some countries in Asia consider this as not a threatening while the fact is totally the opposite. Ethmoid sinusitis could lead to blindness.

The other complication may be concluded by the changes of sufferer’s personality and consciousness. But when the sufferers reach this level, this is a devastating. That means the infection has invaded the brain, which will eventually lead to coma, brain dead, or death.

That is why it is very important to know what does a sinus infection feel like so that you can see your doctor earlier. Not only the sinus infection that should be worried but also the complications which may lead to coma or death. Go to your doctor as soon after noticing the symptoms mentioned above. You will save yourself or someone you know who has the similar symptoms.


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