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How to Treat Middle Ear Infections

How to Treat Middle Ear Infections


Middle ear infection which is medically termed “Otitis Media” is more common in children than adults for many reasons discussed before.

Most middle ear infections treat within three to five days without need to any specific treatment.

So you can use over the counter drugs during this period to relieve any pain or high temperature. but if you will give these medicines to your child ,make sure it is safe for his age .


1) Antibiotics:


Sometimes the doctors recommend antibiotics at the first visit for treatment of middle ear infection, but there is no evidence that Antibiotics has role in speed up of treatment of middle ear infection. Especially that many cases are caused by viruses which antibiotics have no role in treatment of viral infection.


2) Relieve The Pain:


Even if the doctor prescribed antibiotics for you or not ,you will need to take pain reliever to overcome pain & pressure you experience until the infection begins to clear.

For example, Ibuprofen is effective to relieve the pain and reduce the fever.

Consult with your doctor about which over the counter drugs is preferred and how much to give your child.


3) Apply a Warm Towel or Warm Water Bottle:


This may help to relieve the pain ,but be careful that the heat will not burn your skin.


4) Pain Relieving Ear Drops:


In case of extreme pain ,ask your doctor for ear drops that can help to relieve the pain ,but it must be used only if the ear drum or tympanic membrane is intact (not ruptured). As if ruptured ,these drops can get inside the middle ear and cause damage.


5) Talk With Your Doctor About Using Garlic Oil:


  • Garlic oil can naturally help fight the infection due to its antimicrobial effects. So applying slightly warmed garlic oil can help soothe the tympanic membrane and reduce the pain and inflammation, but also be careful that this remedy or any other medications should not be applied to ruptured ear drum. (unless the physician prescribed).
  • Test the oil against your inner wrist as too warm oil can burn your ear.


6) Restrict The Activities:


It depends upon what you feel. So if you feel you can go out, there is no problem to do this. As middle ear infection is not life threatening disease and does not require to restrict your all activities.


7) Apply Basil Juice on or Around The Infected Ear:


Apply basil juice on or around the infected ear using a piece of cotton. Basil can treat earache and ear infections .as basil can relieve ear pain and reduce infection. But avoid getting the basil juice inside your ear canal.


8) Apple Cider Vinegar:


It is effective in middle ear infections of fungal origin.


** You Should Consult Your Doctor About Any Remedy You Want To Try.


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