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Throat infections and how to prevent them

Throat infections and how to prevent them


It is a sore throat presentation of some diseases that infect the throat area and the area around the tonsils and can be caused by a bacterial infection or a viral does not worry them, and go away sore throat usually within a few days, and the need sometimes for tablets sucking or Lotions gargling is described. Most cases of sore throat and back to the two types of injuries, viral and bacterial, but it may result also fumbling and air dry. When the sore throat includes inflation and pain in the tonsils, the situation inflamed tonsils called.


So what are the reasons for a sore throat?


First: sore throat caused by a virus comes from a group of viruses that cause the common cold or the flu or Epstein-Barr virus) and causes glandular fever and viral infection transmitted output from a cough or sneeze droplets and contaminated hands when contact between them from person to person.


It produces a sore throat because of:


  • Bacterial infections such as streptococcus, or Diphtheria and is contagious bacterial disease that causes severe inflammation, and the vaccine contributed to the alleviation of deaths resulting from the noose.
  • A viral infection, such as influenza, or Epstein-Barr virus (Epstein – Barr virus).
  • Exposure to irritating substances such as cigarette smoke or a result of allergies.
  • Exposure to injury on the neck.
  • Infection immune system disease.
  • Fumbling of some toxic chemicals.
  • Incidence of the common cold or flu and pneumonia.


Tips for prevention of sore throat:


  • The basic method for the prevention of sore throat is to avoid contact with someone infected with the inflammation. You should avoid touching or share his life up close. Also that you avoid touching anything dealing with an infected person. Where the bacteria can survive on objects and can be passed on to you.
  • Eat emulsifying with natural ingredients such as “Strepsils” cleanser to shave discs, these discs consisting of a natural mixture of honey and lemon, which have the ability to cleanse the throat of the bacteria causing the congestion, and soothe sore throat for hours, also works as an antiseptic for the throat and mouth.
  • Well balanced diet, as eating foods rich in vitamins and nutrients enhances the immune system. So you eat a lot of fruit, fresh vegetables and complex carbohydrates, lean proteins from fat. It was not you feel ill this system will help you to stay that way. If you feel that you are not so well it will help you to heal.
  • A lot of drinking warm liquids, and prefer natural drinks such as lemon, anise and herbs as they have a calming effect, and is advised by bringing the cup from the face while drinking inhaling steam that soothes sore mucous membranes.
  • Try to reduce speak, and be sure to talk quietly, because the sore throat affects the throat, frequent speech or sound leads to stress and vulnerability of the larynx sore throat height, increases the feeling of tired throat and difficulty swallowing.

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