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Is A Throat Infection Tonsillitis

Is A Throat Infection Tonsillitis


A sore throat is more than just a disease :

Streptococcal pharyngitis is swelling and swelling of the throat, tonsils, and lymph nodes. Not as a sore throat, which is caused by viral infections, streptococcal pharyngitis is caused by a bacterial infection. Although most sore throats cause symptoms are mild and clear naturally, without the help of medical treatment, sore throats usually need antibiotics. The untreated cavity of the throat can lead to serious complications such as otitis, heart problems, kidney problems, and even rheumatic fever. Instead of a weak immune system, inflammation of the throat can be very severe, in which case doctors recommend immediate medical treatment with antibiotics.

Strep throat is caused by the group has a bacterial infection with Streptococcus, infectious agents that are potent and highly contagious. A sore throat is widespread in the flu season and easily accessible by connecting with people who carry the bacteria responsible for the cause of the disease. Streptococcal bacteria are in the air and can be contracted by simply inhaling the same air with an infected person.

A lot of people think that a sore throat attacks the children. This idea is not financed, due to the irritation of the throat can be acquired by anyone, regardless of age. Despite a sore throat has the greatest incidence in children and adolescents who are very young, it can also occur in adults. In fact, swelling of the throat is more likely to cause complications when acquired by adults. Adults with throat pain usually have symptoms that are more intense and need a longer recovery of the disease. When it occurs in the elderly, sore throat is more difficult to overcome and bacterial streptococcus infection may well be systemic.

When you are suffering from strep throat, it is advisable to visit your doctor immediately as soon as possible. The doctor will perform a physical examination as a whole, to know the clinical signs of bacterial infection. Not as a form of viral diseases, sore throat usually causes enlargement of tonsils and lymph nodes, the symptoms that are very suggestive of a bacterial infection. Fever is also a very clear sign of strep throat. The existence of common symptoms of strep throat is usually sufficient to diagnose the disease. To confirm the clinical diagnosis, your doctor may also take samples of inflamed tissue for laboratory analysis. If the cause of the disease has been found to be infected with a group A streptococcus bacteria, your doctor will prescribe the appropriate antibiotic treatment.

Apart from side effects, medical treatment with antibiotics is the most effective way to cure a sore throat today. Doctors strongly recommend penicillin or amoxicillin program for 10 days to all people affected by strep throat. A new generation of antibiotics such as cephalosporins can overcome this disease in less time, cure bacterial infection within 4-5 days after treatment. Corrected in the early stages of the disease, appropriate medical treatment with antibiotics can give you a quick relief for people with strep throat. In addition, antibiotics can prevent the onset of serious complications such as rheumatic fever, kidney infection, and heart disease.

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