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Symptoms of Urinary Tract Infection and Methods of Prevention

Symptoms of Urinary Tract Infection and Methods of Prevention


I don’t want anyone to have any kind of infection, but the mere mention of the name of one of us scare syndrome, but it gets worse when the place of inflammation and sensitive to a number of complications. And that’s what it’s about in UTI, how dangerous is this type of inflammation, and how you can prevent it before treatment?


Inflammation of the urinary stream can be divided as where it occurs in two parts:

  1. Top syndrome (kidney inflammation).
  2. Lower inflammation (cystitis).


Symptoms and signs of UTI:

UTI signs vary depending on the type of severe chronic or acute; it also differs as well as his whereabouts; at the top or bottom urinary tract, with the caveat that it is not a requirement to show all the symptoms to patients, and can outline the most important symptoms are as follows:

  • Feeling full bladder and frequent desire to urinate, with limited amount of Walpole flowing.
  • Burning sensation and pain during urination.
  • Pain in the groin area, if the inflammation in the upper part of the urinary tract.
  • Pain in the pubic area especially during urination.
  • Urinary may appear dark or upset earlier with blood, and that blood may be visible or microscopic not seen with the naked eye.
  • Pain in the lower abdomen.


Multiple factors contribute to the occurrence of urinary tract infections, including:

  • Blockage or narrowing in the urinary tract of a kidney stone or bladder, because of defects, or a large prostate in men.
  • Pregnancy which causes strain preventing him from urinary drainage it last less buoyant is subject to bacterial attack, causing inflammation.
  • Defects in the urinary tract leading to back urethra towards college instead of coming off in the urethra, and over time, Walpole would stagnate conquer him microbes, thus going UTI.
  • sexual contact with an infected person infections of the urinary tract, as there are some bacteria such as Chlamydia transmitted through sexual contact easily between the couple.
  • diabetes or immune deficiency disease or sickle cell anemia, or any disease leads to weakening of the immune system in the body because it leads to the infection of the urinary tract infection.


UTI in infants:

infants with inflammation in the urinary tract but could not disclose, so these are some of the symptoms will help you to predict the existence of the disease:

  • Very high temperature caused an unexplained
  • Paul strange smell.
  • Lack of appetite vomiting.
  • You must quickly address the child to protect the kidneys from damage.


As for the methods of prevention and protection from urinary tract infections:

  • Ensuring clean and wash the genital areas well a day before and after the exercise of the marital relationship.
  • Do not wear tight clothes that are bothering you in an area between the two men, especially in the summer and with hot climates where growing bacteria and germs with sweat, and are advised to clean and wash this area at least once a day taking care to be clothes dry is wet as wet clothes suitable environment the multiplication of bacteria.

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