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Stuffy nose and ear infection Remedies: cold, flu and ear naturally

Stuffy nose and ear infection Remedies: cold, flu and ear naturally


With or without medication, the cold or the flu can cause real problems. You can choose from a wide variety of drugs that can provide some relief of symptoms or you can take the natural approach that may prevent, speed up your recovery and help you feel better along the way.

When it comes to children’s upper respiratory tract infections colds or flu or another can also lead to ear infections-otitis media acute-appearing in the space behind the eardrum, which is called the middle ear.

It is very common in children under the age of 8, as their immature ear can easily become infected. tube Eustachio ( the tube that connects the middle ear and throat) that is shorter, softer and more horizontal which is more easily blocked by secretion compared the older children or adults.

Also, very open could be a baby because of the habit of sucking them. Always keep breast or infant milk bottle in the bottom corners to prevent fluid in their ears that are immature.

During cold infections, throat, allergy or other upper respiratory tract infections, Eustachian tube swells and prevent air entering the middle ear, which leads to the secretion of entering the middle ear and stuck there. This causes viruses and bacteria to grow and cause infection.

Use Your salt therapy can prevent or reduce the symptoms in a cold, flu or ear infections. If your baby has a stuffy nose and have trouble breast or bottle feeding or seemingly out of breath, the Copy is the best. Use the Copy at night, while sleeping, your baby won’t wake you up because of nasal congestion. He can breathe normally, inhaled salt opens the Airways, will clear the secretions and kill bacteria, reducing the duration of a cold or flu and prevent ear infections.

In the range of 0.1-2.5 microns the same size as the most destructive of polluting industries and automobiles, and unseen by the human eye microparticles-salt microparticles penetrate to every corner of the alveoli and bronchi, bronchioles and deposits on the surface clean the secretion, kill microbes and bacteria, which leads in turn to a reduction in inflammation.

Acts as mucocinético, restore normal mucus transport and open the blockage in the airway and bronchi broke and up. Inhaled salt (NaCl) is hydrophilic, thus absorbing the edema of the lining of the Airways.

On the bronchial tree: absorption of inflammatory edema of bronchial tree in layers, causing asthma will be reduced, resulting in a widening of the airway. In addition, wetting and fluidizes the secretion of bronchial in the bronchial tree, causing bronchospasm relief help and improve the treatment of asthma.
On the nose and sinuses to the nose, swelling of the nasal Mucosa, causing a blockage of the nose, it will be reduced, causing widening part of the airway in the nose and sinus drainage and tube increases the breast.

In the auditory tube: mucosal edema, causing a blockage of the eustachian tube and otitis media will decrease, which causes enlargement of the ducts from the air duct, a better drainage of inflammatory and better secretion of aeration membrane behind the tympani.

cleanliness breath has a very important role in the treatment of ear infections or respiratory infections place. Here are some tips:

1. the device use a copy-and-salt tube to clean all of the respiratory tracts.

2. Blow your nose often actually do not blow your nose barely as pressure can be brought back to the ear secretion. Press the fingers in one nostril while blowing gently into the other.

3. Clean the nose with a solution of salt: combine 1.25 g of salt in 1 cup of warm water (body temperature) or you can also add a number of half of the salt and baking soda. Input a few drops in each nostril.

4. place an extra pillow under your head creating a corner. The best way is to put it under the mattress to create a smooth slope. This will help with nasal congestion and also prevent ear infections.

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