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A Sore Throat and Ear Pain

A Sore Throat and Ear Pain


Ears, nose, and throat are important part of the human body. The fact is that when one of them is affected, it will link to the other two. Allergy or infection occurring in one of these organs will lead to disturbance to all three. The throat and middle ear are linked by Eustachian tube. When a sore throat happens, the Eustachian tube is blocked, causing tube swelling. At this point, it will cause ear pain. That explains why a sore throat is always linked to ear pain.

But in some cases, the sufferers also experience the one-sided condition. This occurs when the infection or allergy happens on only one side of the throat, so that it will affect the other part of the tube.

Sore throat is commonly caused by microbial infection. This condition can last for up to a week if the sufferer is too late to treat it. While it will only last for 2 days if it is treated with proper medications. Often sore throat patients also suffer from earaches. It is because of the mucus stuffing in sinus cavities. This can also be the start of sore throat itself. As mentioned, these organs are connected. So it is equitable that these organs will be trading fluids. The exchanging fluids may also lead to the infections to other organs too.

The sore throat and ear pain happens often because of infection in both paths. The infection is caused by inflammation in the ear.  The inflammation can spread to the eardrum, which may affect the hearing of the sufferers. Depending on the immune system of the sufferers, some folks may suffer this long.

The symptoms of a sore throat and ear pain are easy to notice. The sufferers will experience fever, stiffness in the back and neck, fatigue, difficulty in swallowing, lymph nodes, blood tinged saliva, and much more. The list goes on and on. It is important to see the full list from trusted source and find as many symptoms as possible to ensure the condition assessment. Going to the doctor earlier is also recommended.

If you want to treat it by yourself, you could take pain killers and antibiotic. Generic painkillers can be purchased in usual drug store. Look for ibuprofen or paracetamol. Ask the paramedic for some tips. There are also home remedies that you can try including heat and steam, herbs, as well as salt water. Folks consider mixture of turmeric, basil leaves, ginger, and cinnamon is an effective and compelling home remedy. There are hundred recipes out there that you can try. But just to assure you, consult with your doctor to initiate the proper treatment for sore throat and ear pain.

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