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Sinus infection symptoms: how to determine if your child has an ear infection

Sinus infection symptoms: how to determine if your child has an ear infection

Kids prone to ear infections because their Eustachian tubes are still growing. It is reported that 5 of the 6 children will be diagnosed with Otitis media, they met three years.


House in Otitis Media


The incidence of Otitis media usually because of rhinitis (cold), sinusitis and other upper respiratory diseases. The liquid will be trapped in the middle ear, behind the eardrum and fluid will eventually accumulate to cause inflammation.

Ear pain disappears, without treatment, but you can use a hot Pack or a bottle of water to relieve pain and reduce inflammation. Of course, Otitis media requiring Pediatric visits, in order to obtain the original diagnosis.

If your child becomes restless and pulling his ears, you may be suffering from Otitis media. While young children are not able to orally tell what hit you, you as a parent must learn the warning signs of ear infection.


Signs of Otitis Media


Most children have the same symptoms when it comes to many of the diseases of childhood, especially otitis media. Symptoms may include:

  • Draw the ears
  • Irritability with/without mourn
  • Insomnia
  • Flow or drainage of pus was observed from the affected ear
  • Poor balance (this can be very difficult to see in the children because they begin learning to walk)
  • Hard of hearing
  • Troubled fever is: less than 3 months (100.4 F), 3-6 months (102 F), the 6-24 months (more than 102 F) will require emergency treatment to determine the source of infection.
  • low immunity


Baby and kids haven’t developed a strong immunity, which means that your immune system may not be able to fight antigens (bacteria). Adenoidal problems (Advanced nasopharyngeal tonsils), found in the nasal cavity is part of the immune system.

Adenoidal problems working diligently to trap bacteria and prevent it from entering the body. Enlarged tonsils adenoidal problems can be due to upper respiratory tract infections, which means they can’t function properly.


Diagnosis Of Otitis Media


When you bring your baby to the emergency room or physician immediately you start to take the exam from head to toe. This test involves the use of the Otoscope to look into the ears, the mouth, and nasal cavity. The nurse will also check the temperature and blood pressure your child.


Treatment Of Otitis Media


After the doctor has determined that your child has acute otitis media, will prescribe antibiotics. Be sure to follow the directions on the bottle to a tee, because I definitely want to completely eradicate the bacteria. The liquid can potentially remain in the rut of the ears for a few weeks, but this is nothing to worry about because it will gradually disappear.


Prevention Of Otitis Media


Avoid smoking around your child, such as tobacco smoke can potentially increase the risk of infections of the upper respiratory tract and ear. the 13-valent vaccine pneumococcal conjugate is also available to all children under 2 years old.

Teach your child hand washing techniques, because the skin is the best defense against infection.

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