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Middle Ear Infection Symptoms

Middle Ear Infection Symptoms


Middle Ear infection which is also called “Otitis media” occurs when the area behind the ear drum become inflamed by virus or bacteria. Otitis media is most common in children. Read More About Ear Infection In Children

According to Lucile Packard children’s hospital at Stanford, Otitis Media occurs in 80% of children by the time they reach age 3.

Middle Ear Infection is commonly associated with cold, flu or Allergy that causes congestion and swelling of the nasal passages, throat and eustachian tubes.

There are many subtypes of otitis media, as follows:


  • Acute Otitis media.
  • Otitis media with effusion.
  • Chronic suppurative Otitis media.
  • Adhesive Otitis media.


Middle Ear Infection Symptoms


Most common symptoms of middle ear infection (acute Otitis media) in children are:


  1. Earache (burning ear pain): it usually occur due to the fluids that stretch the ear drum. it often gets better in a few days without treatment.
  2. Pulling at the inflammed ear.
  3. Feeling of fullness or pressure in the ear.
  4. Feeling of popping or ringing in the ear (sure sign of fluid build up in the ear).
  5. Difficulty in sleeping.
  6. Irritability.
  7. Crying more than normal.
  8. Hearing problems.
  9. Loss of balance.
  10. Fever (38 C or higher).
  11. Perforated ear drum which is commonly associated with drainage of fluid from the ear “the discharge may be yellow, clear or bloody“.
  12. Headache.
  13. Loss of appetite and grumpy behavior.


Most common middle ear infection symptoms in adults include:


  1. Severe ear pain.
  2. Drainage of the fluid from the ear which is commonly accompanied by rupture of the ear drum.
  3. Reduced hearing ability.


Ear Infection Symptoms is not specific and can indicate many conditions, so it is important to consult the doctor to get accurate diagnosis and proper treatment if:


  1. The symptoms last for longer than a day.
  2. Your child is less than 6 months.
  3. The ear pain is severe.
  4. Your toddler is sleepless or irritable after a cold or other upper respiratory infection.
  5. You observe any discharge of fluid, pus or bloody discharge from your baby’s ear.


Symptoms & Signs Of Chronic Otitis Media


  • Persistant headache or severe deep ear pain.
  • Facial weakness.
  • Severe retraction or rupture of the ear drum .
  • Erosion of the small, sound conducting bones of the middle ear.
  • Recurring or chronic drainage of the ear.
  • Inflammation causing erosion of the bony cover or the facial nerve, balance canals (so it may result in loss of balance) or cochlea (hearing organ).
  • Erosion of the bony borders of the middle ear or mastoid, resulting in meningitis_infection spreading to the meninges (the coverings of the brain).
  • Presence of swelling behind the eardrum.
  • Presence of cholesteatoma (epidermal skin from the outer surface of the eardrum like that of the back of the hand).
  • Persistant fluid behind the eardrum (if intact).

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