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Infected sinuses: Sinusitis and ear boob

Infected sinuses: Sinusitis and ear boob


Cold, cough, sneezing and allergies can cause sinusitis. However, the fact that it can also be a cause of breast hearing problems commonly known. The ratio between the relationship of sinusitis and ear sinus problem is that connected to the ear through a tube called the tube Eustachio.

When you suffer from colds, flu or allergy, there is a big chance that you will experience a sinus congestion. This is due to the fact that your breasts produce mucus sinus chain tried to clean from all the dirt and bacteria that happens to breathe in your breasts always feel the presence of the bacteria, which started to produce mucus.

Sometimes this can be counterproductive because the bacteria in the sinus sit and make the breasts swell. Mucus stuck inside, rather than kill the bacteria, that invite bacteria to grow inside it.

After a swim, play in the snow, swimming or other water activities, water can collect in the ear. If the collected water is not removed, it will flow into tube Eustachio.

Due to the fact that the tube is slightly slanted, Eustachio liquids are stored in canisters and finally to ear infections. Such as sinusitis, an ear infection can swell and blocked drainage. This can result in dizziness, ear pain, headaches and other ailments.

If you suffer from sinusitis and nose blowing, sneezing or coughing, lots of air passing through the nose and mouth, but most of the pressure to go directly into the ear. It is then pushed toward ear infections causes ear sinus problems. It can also work in reverse. This is when the ear infection flowed into the breast tissue, causing the breasts to swell and cause sinusitis.

Ear boob problem very easy to prevent. The use of Q-tips and frequently clean the ears to prevent liquid from entering the inner ear infection and prevent the Eustachian tube or installed on another network nearby. Wash your hands throughout the day may help prevent bacteria and other diseases that cause sinusitis and ear boob issues.

Apart from this, clean out Your nasal passages on a regular basis, with the nasal spray, can help heal the symptoms of sinusitis and ear boob issues.

Maintain proper hygiene can help prevent the germ enters the body through the mouth or nose. When nasal sprays used, find Xylitol, a natural repellant because it is a bacterium and can be very useful, especially if sinusitis sinus and ear problems caused by bacterial infection.

You can also consult an ENT specialist to determine the best treatment for sinus problems and ear, sinus if you believe that natural remedies are not working.

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