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How to take care of sinus infection

How to take care of sinus infection


If you want to know how to take care of sinus infection then you are at the right place. Sinus infection also referred to as sinusitis affect many people. The truth is we are all at risk of it. It is an inflammation within our nasal passage, sinuses, or cavities in our skull. Sinus assists our body to battle infection due to bacteria and viruses. It is covered with mucous and small hair called cilia. These assist to get rid of dangerous foreign bodies to prevent them from causing illnesses. Here in this article you will understand how to take care of sinus infection. I will discuss various ways to tackle this condition.

Sinusitis is very common because it is actually the consequence of lot of elements. Generally, it causes viral infection, but allergens and pollutants can also cause trigger this condition. When these foreign bodies cause inflammation of sinus, its lining gets thickened and quite often, it obstructs the nasal passage, disrupting the regular process that clears bacteria. The bacteria then accumulate and multiply inside the partitions of sinus, thus showing the symptoms of sinus infection.

When sinus is infected or swollen, it cannot drain properly, and that is why you keep building mucus. This extra mucus becomes breeding ground for germs, increasing the chance of getting sinus infection. Sinus infections shows variety of uncomfortable signs and symptoms like pain and tenderness in sinus areas, headaches, sore throat, fever, and so on. An acute sinusitis attack generally lasts around three months, and chronic sinusitis can last from three to eight weeks or even more.

There are lot of treatments for sinusitis. Decongestants are normally prescribed to get rid of obstruction of airways. There are many types of oral and nasal OTC decongestants, which can be used; however, you must not use them for more than 72 hours. If at all you keep using them for over 72 hours, they turn out to be less efficient and your body will rely on them more to get the relief. Use nasal sprays carefully because you could become used to it. Both oral and nasal decongestants have unwanted effects, and although they may be purchased without the prescription, you should still talk to your doctor prior to buying them.

Why you must avoid antibiotics?

Antibiotics actually do not treat the problem or root cause! The thing is that fungal infection as well as other bacterial infections that you encounter is actually just the signs and symptoms of the fungal sinus infection. To make the issue even worse, these antibiotic medicines, which you are taking, are killing your body’s natural defense mechanism (Good bacteria) to protect you against these harmful germs. Moreover, it is these good bacteria that do not allow bad bacteria to take over.

Here is the answer to how to care of sinus infection

  • Manage your allergies, which cause nasal congestion or infection. Allergy-proof your home to ease the signs and symptoms, or talk to your doctor about allergy medications.
  • Assist your system to avoid colds by getting lot of rest, drinking lot of water, and eating healthy foods.
  • Take care of your body by staying away from tobacco and liquor. Alcohol will dehydrate your body so you must keep your body hydrated by drinking lot of fluids or water.
  • Consume lot of fluids like juices, hot decaffeinated teas, and soup. Avoid caffeine drinks such as coffee. If you cannot stay away from coffee every morning, have some hot tea or a cup of decaf coffee.
  • Run a humidifier while you are at your home and even while you are resting.
  • If you are experiencing allergic reactions or cold, you will need to take some special measures to protect yourself.

Hope these tips have answered your question regarding how to take care of sinus infection. Implement these and keep the sinus infection away from you.


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