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Ear Infection After Cold

Ear Infection After Cold


If you have already experienced the cold for a few days and your ears cannot hear correctly. These rates are obtained after swimming and water entry in the ear. It doesn’t hurt much, it just feels like a jam. You might ask, do you need to see a doctor for him or will he disappear after the cold is gone?


Your tube Probosca can be blocked because it is common after the flu. You can try to relieve the pressure with a soft open ears, chew gum, or evaporated. This is probably going to go away on its own.

Do Your ears ache from the cold or an ear infection?

What is the difference between cold symptoms and ear infections?

Ear pain from the cold can be a pain that can range from mild pain to very painful. Even if the fluid trapped in the ear is not infected, fluid puts pressure on the eardrum, causing a bulge and throb.

With a sore ear from a cold, you or your child may have difficulty sleeping, running a fever, and have a green or yellow mucus in nose. Because colds are self-limiting, ear pain with cold usually disappear on its own. However, if you have ear pain, you may need to consult Your doctor for proper diagnosis and treatment.

While ear pain can occur with the first cold viruses, sometimes secondary infections of the middle ear can occur. This ear infection is usually a sudden onset and is very painful in the beginning. That’s because the sensory nerve endings in the eardrum responds to the increased pressure with pain. After the eardrum stretched a little, the pain of sore ears can lighten up.


5 causes of the occurrence of ear infections


Avoid some of the factors that can lead to ear infections.

Have you ever felt your ear pain or buzzing? These symptoms can be symptoms of ear infections. Ear infections are commonly experienced by children. However, there is also not uncommon in adults. There are two types of ear infections, namely outer ear canal infection and inflammation of the middle ear.

Several things can cause the occurrence of ear infections are:


  1. The cold weather

When the weather becomes cold, ear infections are prone to occur. It is due to the flu, which later developed into pneumonia, often occur when cold. We encourage you to do the vaccinations to avoid pneumonia, also from ear infections. Both of these diseases can be caused by the same bacteria.

2. Cotton bud

Clean the ears with cotton bud is something wrong. It can hurt your ears, so ended up with an infection. Wash Your ears just shit on the outside around the ear holes. Earwax on the inside thus can protect your ears from bacteria.

3. Smoking

Smoking or exposure to cigarette smoke, can cause ear infections. Cigarette smoke can cause irritation of the eustachian tube in the ear, so the swelling, difficulty to equalize pressure, fluid buildup, and pain.

4. Allergy

Allergies that occur in children can increase the risk of ear infections. Allergies can cause the onset of pressure on the ears, and fluid buildup behind the eardrum. To prevent this, make sure your allergy in children controlled well.

5. Swim

Swimming can cause water trapped in the ear canal. If you are a swimmer or hobbies are swimming, you should perform a precautionary measure, by drying the ear after getting out of the pool. You can also use the ear drops that can help dry out the ear from water.

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