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Double Ear Infection

Double Ear Infection


Signs Of Inner Ear Infection

In our inner ear, there is a system of ducts and tubes and the structure is known as the Labyrinth. Now the maze work is to send signals to the brain for the identification and determination of the exact source and this maze system is a system that affected if someone is exposed to the inner ear infection. The fact is that the scientific name of this type of ear infection is labyrinthine.

Internal ear infection is usually caused by a viral or bacterial infection in the ear and if the symptoms of internal ear infection are uncontrolled can cause serious and damage, then the diagnostic needs as soon as the symptoms of internal ear infection have appeared. There is a warning that you should be aware of and here are some symptoms of inner ear infection that you always keep.

Most people hit with an internal infection in the ear is a person with a weak immune system if you need to make sure that you get the nutrients. Correct and consume a multivitamin to cover the scarcity of the intake of certain vitamins and minerals that do not exist in your food at this time.

The first ear symptoms in the ear are tinnitus in the ears, fever, double vision, photophobia, vomiting, headaches and jumping visions. The first symptoms of internal ear infections are fatigue, pain that is consistent in the ear, anxiety caused by pain, depression, intolerance to the untiring cessation of extreme temperatures, non-obvious speech, temporary hearing loss, travel sickness, and confusion.

Although internal otitis usually lasts two weeks longer, it should be approached immediately as soon as the signs appear. Symptoms of dizziness and other symptoms are often due to a deficient immune system so that the stock of your body with a number of vitamins and minerals to provide adequate protection for this attack, the actual consumption of vitamin C is the best alternative because it really strengthens the body.

The immune system and help you fight this disease. B3, B6, and B12 also contribute to the improvement of the blood system is the body that understands the blood vessels of the ear and also repairs the nervous system of the body.

Garlic has always been known as a potent antibiotic and has been used effectively as antimicrobial properties against internal ear infections. So you could use garlic oil and put some drops in your ears and then you will feel. A little more relaxed sesame and sesame seed oil also act in the same way as the garlic oil so that, in the absence of one, you can use the other.

Poirier, when you can do it, also help in the treatment of ear and sinus problems and can also clean the probosci’s tube.


  1. Thank you for your article.
    I would like a little advice from you.
    I have frequent ear infections. I have an ear infection from my teenage age is uncertain at what age and until now I still have ear infections. I have taken the antibiotics that doctors give but never recover completely. In the next 1 week I will experience more pain in the ear, sometimes ear infections that I experienced make me difficult to eat and rather difficult to talk. I often get dizzy, pain and feel pain in my ears. Pain inside or out of ear. The way I talk to people is also less clear to hear even though I say quite clearly in my opinion. People say that I speak less clear and rather small when in myself I’ve spoken very clearly and my voice is also great. Now it’s almost 2 years my hearing has been greatly reduced. My average hearing loss is 90% left and 65% right and in my ear like a sound like a waterfall that never stops. I went to the doctor but did not change anything. Now I am often alone and do not talk much because if people talk to me, I do not hear what they say so I feel very ashamed of myself. Can my ears still be healed ?? Is there any medicine to cure him? Is there still a way I should do to be able to hear again as before? This kind of circumstance makes me very unenthusiastic to live again. Now I also find it difficult to get a job with this condition. I’m sorry if I’ve told you a long story. I really look forward to your reply. thank you a lot.

    1. Author

      At the beginning I would like to express my deep sympathy with your situation and wish you a speedy recovery
      In fact, we can not judge your case by explaining the situation. In this case, we recommend that you go to a specialist doctor and take your doctor’s advice. It is possible that the previous time you did not visit the appropriate doctor for this condition
      Once again, we wish you a quick recovery and we would like to inform you that this condition can be treated and that things will be normal if you visit a specialist doctor. Thank you and wish you a peaceful life.


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