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Can ear infection cause a sore throat: Understanding sore throat

Can ear infection cause a sore throat: Understanding sore throat


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When someone gets the flu or a cold throat again began to swell, the swelling is affecting the tonsillar and adenoidal problems, because this someone experiencing a sore throat. Other causes of a sore throat are called Streptococcus germs, germs causing this irritation to the throat and give us an uncomfortable feeling from people in our throat for a while ago and a sore throat. Other causes of a sore throat are sinusitis, diphtheria, measles and leukemia can sometimes cause a sore throat.

People with a sore throat sometimes complain about the hot and dry followed by a cold sore throat, fever, and sore throat. swelling of lymph nodes also causes strep throat, swallowing may be painful for someone with a sore throat. If irritation of throat achieve air travel can cause a cold.


  • Many sore throats and infections contracted from bacteria on a toothbrush should be replaced every month. In between uses to store your toothbrush in hydrogen peroxide (rinse well before using) or grape seed extract to kill germs (which can also be used to gargle with.)
  • The use of steam inhalation is effective in providing assistance to our throat, a warm compress on the neck can also help reduce the swelling of the throat, do this every night until the swelling has subsided.
  • Take the hydrogen peroxide and dilute with water and gargle frequently. This will kill germs in your throat. I have been using to stop strep throat infections immediately. It can also be used to dissolve Earwax and kill bacteria. I use purely to dissolve ear wax and clean my ears.
  • You can also gargle with salt water.


doctors prescribe antibiotics for a bacterial infection of the throat, eating yogurt and yogurt or Kefir Nancy health food stores. Commercial yogurt at the grocery store you don’t have quite the friendly bacteria in it to replace the killed by the antibiotic. antibiotics kill good and bad bacteria. bad bacteria overgrowth causing and you would be open to other infections. You need good bacteria to keep the bad bacteria under control.


  • Drink lots of water to flush the kidneys along with plenty of fluids. herbal teas and fresh juices are best.
  • Mix honey and lemon juice to cover the raw throat and help kill germs.
  • Vitamin C, garlic, and honey help fight infection.


There are many drugs out there with Medicated pills, the drug generally is a type of candy, and can really help reduce the irritation of the throat.

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