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Bladder Infection Symptoms in Women

Bladder Infection Symptoms in Women


We will talk about bladder infection symptoms in women. Being a woman, your chance of getting urinary tract infection is high.

There are many factors make urinary tract infection more common in women than men. Risk factors of urinary tract infection in women include:

  • Short wider urethera in females (easier infection due to the short distance the bacteria will cut to reach the urinary bladder).
  • Pregnancy can cause urinary stasis. (good media for bacterial growth).
  • Menopause : women after menopause are more vulnerable to have UTI, due to the decline of estrogen hormone level which make changes in the urinary tract which make you more prone to UTI.
  • Other factors include:


  1. Congenital abnormalities in the urinary tract.
  2. Suppressed immune system.
  3. Blockage in the urinary tract as in case of kidney stones.
  4. Catheter use.


Urinary Tract Infections Which are More Frequent in Females, Include:


1- Infection of the bladder:


Which is medically termed “Cystitis”. Cystitis is mainly caused by the organism “Escherichia coli” (E.coli). E.coli is commonly found in the large intestine of your GIT. There are also other bacteria may cause UTI. In addition to that, sexual intercourse _especially unnatural sexual intercourse_may also cause cystitis.

2- Infection of the urethera:


Which is medically termed “Urethritis”.


Urethritis can occur by 2 ways:


  1. Bacterial spread from the anal orifice (due to bad hygiene & unnatural sexual intercourse).
  2. Bacterial spread from the vagina to the urethera in cases of sexually transmitted diseases as gonorrhea (due to short distance between the vagina & urethera).


Bladder Infection Symptoms in Women


Urinary tract infection do not always cause symptoms but when they do they may include:


  1. Persistant urge to urinate.
  2. Frequent urination.
  3. Passing small amount of urine at a time.
  4. Urine may appear cloudy.
  5. Urine may appear red stained or cola colored, sign of blood in urine.
  6. Constant lower abdomen pain (around the site of the bladder) &back pain.
  7. Bad smelling of the urine.
  8. Wake up frequently from sleep to urinate.
  9. Dribbling of urine after you think you have finished.
  10. False sensation of need to going to the toilet .
  11. Temporary urinary incontinence:


  • Urge incontinence: (loss of bladder control)


Urgency is a symptom where you have a sudden pressing desire to urinate. and you are not able to delay going to the toilet . often urine leaks before you get to the toilet. this occur due to instability of detrusor muscle (the medical name of the urinary muscle).

  • Stress incontinence:


Urinary tract infections can intensify stress incontinence . stress incontinence means you leak urine with any actions or stress as coughing, sneezing, laughing or exercise. this occurs if the urethral sphincter _which prevent leakage of urine_ is weakened. it can occur also if the pelvic floor muscles _which support the urethral sphincter_ are weakened .

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