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Baby Ear Infection Symptoms

Baby Ear Infection Symptoms


Baby Ear Infection is more common than adult Ear Infection , Although adult also get sever ear infection, Here We will talk about Baby Ear Infection Symptoms.


Babies are more prone to Ear Infection because:


  1. Eustachian tube of very young children which connect inner ear with the nose is more horizontal and short so so germs in moisture collect more easily there when the child is asleep .
  2. Baby immune system is not fully developed .
  3. Adenoids are larger in children and can interfere with Eustachian tube opening , not allowing fluid to drain .


Predisposing Factors of Baby Ear Infection:


  • Most Ear Infections develop after exposure to repeated colds and upper respiratory infections.
  • Allergies as allergies result in  chronic stuffiness in the nose that can block the Eustachian tubes (one or both of them ), which connect the back of the nose with the middle ears. This blockage can cause fluid in the middle ear to be trapped.
  • Family history.Children born to  a parent had repeat ear infections are are more likely to have repeat middle ear infections.
  • Babies who are around cigarette smoke are more prone to have ear infections than babies who are not.
  • Impaired immune system.Children with severely weaken immune systems have more Ear Infections than healthy children.
  • Pacifier usage.
  • Birth defects such as cleft palate or down syndrome make children more likely to get Ear Infections.


Signs of baby ear infection


  • You may notice that he starts crying more than usual .
  • Wake up crying in the middle of the the night .
  • Pulls at his ear
  • You can know if your baby has ear infection or not by observing his/ her mood ,as ear infection often cause change in his mood .


Symptoms of baby ear infection include


  • Inflammation
  • Ear pain
  • swelling , redness & tenderness around the ear .
  • Diarrhea or vomiting. The bacteria or virus that causes the Ear Infection can also harm gastrointestinal tract.
  • Fever which develop due to attempts of his body to fight the infection .
  • Reduced capability of hearing .
  • Eardrum is red & bulging .
  • Difficulty in swallowing and chewing .
  • Yellow fluid draining from the ear. This is rare, but if present it’s a sure sign of infection. It also refers to presence of a small hole in the eardrum. (but Don’t worry as this will heal once the infection is treated.)


When to visit the doctor


If there is one sign or symptom suggest that your baby has ear infection , you have to call a doctor . as this will help to avoid complications of Baby Ear Infection .


Complications of Baby Ear Infection


1.   Hearing problems: Which are usually mild to moderate and are usually temporary. permanent hearing loss is rare.

2.   Rupture of the eardrum: If fluid continues to build up in the middle ear, the eardrum may rupture .This leaves a small hole but do not worry as it often heals within 2 weeks.

3.   Chronic Suppurative Otitis Media: The main symptom of this condition is repeated drainage of pus from the ear through a small hole in the eardrum. Antibiotic therapy is the ordinary treatment for this condition.


Other Complications Develop if There are Repeat Ear Infections


  • Cholesteatoma – Medical term means tissue growth behind the eardrum if the tissue growth is large enough, it can block the middle ear  affecting hearing. Surgery is necessary to remove the growth.
  • Damage of the tiny bones in the middle ear.

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